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Getting started in Real Estate didn't seem like it would ever happen for me, but eventually, I knew I had to make it a reality.  Upon graduating with my Bachelor's Degree from CMU, my future wasn't drawn up the way I had envisioned when I started college.  After graduation, I took an entry-level position in the cellular industry.  Within a few months, I was climbing the corporate ladder.  The business was very demanding and ever changing, but I saw the potential to make a good living.  A few years in, marriage and starting a family was in front of me. The demanding hours with little flexibility required of the industry was going to make it very difficult to have a successful personal life.  


After several conversations with family, friends, and people I knew in the Real Estate industry, I decided it was time to get my license.  The cellular industry taught me a lot and I hoped that I could take some of those skills with me to Real Estate.  I love being able to help friends and family each day with buying or selling Real Estate.  My favorite part is taking an idea or desire that someone has and making it a reality.  I pride myself on being able to think outside the box and find a way to get the job done.  When you work with the Dawdy Realty Group, we have experience and knowledge in Residential and Commercial Real Estate.  We have helped client's buy and sell short term, and long-term rentals.  We have experience with land contracts, vacation homes, commercial leases, residential leases, and more.  

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